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The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee

Ben Pu

Financial engineer Ben Pu enjoys playing a variety of sports in his free time. An avid skier, biker, and sailor, Ben Pu also participates in Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played on a field 70 yards long by 40 yards wide. Each end of the field features a 25-yard end zone, in which an attacking team can score by catching a pass. Each team begins the game defending one of these two zones, although the teams reverse ends at the midpoint of the game.

The game itself begins with a pull, in which one team throws the Frisbee to its opponents. The catching team then proceeds to pass the disc from one player to another, while the defending team attempts to intervene or intercept it. The defending team may also take possession of the Frisbee if the thrower drops it and fails to catch it before it hits the ground.

All throws must take place no more than 10 seconds after a catch. Failure to do so can stop play, as can other infractions, such as physical contact with another player. Players determine whether the infraction affected the outcome of play, and the teams retain or take possession accordingly.

There are no referees in Ultimate Frisbee. Instead, players agree to abide by the Spirit of the Game, a code of conduct that requires all players to assume responsibility for playing fairly, respectfully, and with attention to others' safety.


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